I read something very interesting about social interaction today. Low levels of social interaction are apparently equivalent to smoking 15 cigs per day when it comes to health risks.

I recall the story about the child that died because her mother didn’t hold her enough. True or not, humans crave for other humans. It is people that makes us tick, not things. So fuck that shiny Ferrari and buy your ol´pals a couple of extra beers instead. If they´re happy, you´re happy.

Your friends will probably feel an urge to pay back your gift. But since you already have a lot of money, there´s no real point in buying back. Instead they will tell other people about how good you are and by that increase your official reputation.

When your reputation increases your chances of getting more business increases and you have transformed the actual act of being good into business value.

And, of course, you have improved your health while earning money.

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