One week left in the cold before I’m on my way back to Buenos Aires.

I am really looking forward to do something constructive together with other people again. The last few months I have been busy freelancing and working with projects where the group was spread over different locations. To sum it up; I miss the social interaction that is a big part of my inspiration.

I think that my internship at Mother is going to be a blast. I’m looking forward to learn a lot from all the smart and creative people that works there. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to work on a few big brands that I can put in my portfolio. There is an excitement bubbling inside me- at what professional level am I? Am I good enough? I guess that I will have the answer pretty soon. You can only do your best and that´s what I intend to do. It will be fucking great, I´m sure.

Talk again soon.

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