People want to succeed. That´s natural and I´m not going to lie – I do to. I haven’t spent thousands of hours with my Pinocchio-like nose in books just to create stuff that people don’t like.

Image by Sam Gross (thanks)

The wisdom might be more important than the end goal

The thing is that I have learned to love what I am doing so much that it doesn’t matter that much if I doesn´t succeed right away. What is more important is the feeling of having done something that I feel is right; the bubbling in my stomach that tells me that I have done something unlike others and that it has given me wisdom.

A unique combination of life experiences is impossible to copy

Even if I didn’t reach my partial goal this time, I have still gained unique knowledge that I never would have had otherwise. Why? Because I have built upon my own knowledge, not just everyone´s else. And no other people have the same unique combination of life experiences that I or anyone else have. New ideas come from having the guts of ignoring old rules and trust your own instinct.

The journey is the reason to why you reach your goal

For every time that you do things different and follow your heart you have created a foundation of reaching a bigger long-term goal. One day you will wake up from years of failures and find out that you have built a shield around you that is impossible to break. And inside that shield you will have wisdoms that are impossible to copy because you have built them yourself. They are the result of thousands of twists and tweaks along the way, all those defeats that people laughed at you for but that you used to calibrate your aim to make it more accurate the next time.

The journey may not always be more pleasing than reaching the goal, but the journey is the reason to why you occasionally reach your goal. If you´re not giving up, that is.

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