…And the first one sees the light of the day tomorrow.

Summer´s here again and that calls for a new set of books. During the next 10 weeks I am going to publish one new book summary every week. The book summaries will focus on business, creativity, behavioral economy and everything around those subjects.


I know that my summary of Simon Sinek´s Start With Why have been immensely popular, so hopefully the new summaries will be useful to you who have bought a new hammock and wants to become even more brilliant during your holiday. Who needs rest anyway?

I hope that the words of wisdom will taste better than an apple pie in the sunshine. Remember – it is better to gain brain cells than calories unless you´re aiming to participate in “Biggest Loser” this autumn.

So, let this be the summer of summaries. And don’t fucking forget to buy the books as well. These summaries isn’t about skipping but about making the road of learning that you walk easier, funnier and more rewarding. There are no shortcuts. But I am sure that you knew that already.

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