Often the tools and services that technological companies provide are not exploited to its full potential. Not because the services are poorly implemented, but because the end user doesn´t know how to use it in order to get the most out of it. This results in a waste, both for the selling company and the buying organization.

Digital spillage = value spillage

An unnecessary spillage occurs between the service provider and the end user where both parts are losers. The end user receives less value for his money

since he doesn’t get as much benefit as if he could have used the service perfect. And the service provider does not get the reputation that he deserves because the service that he delivers is worth less for the customer. This also makes it harder for the service provider to charge a premium price for the service, although a premium price would have been fully legitimate considering the potential of the service.

From analogue to digital

What is needed is a person that is intimate with the implemented technology but is even more focused on the human that are supposed to use it. Instead of just integrating the specific service, the digital integrator is changing the view of technology and makes the organization move from an analogue to a digital environment. He changes the analogue mindset into a digital mindset by giving the organization the motivation to actually want to learn more about how to use them to one hundred fucking percent.

What does the digital integrator do?

There is a Chinese saying that says it all:

“Give a man a fish and you´ll feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you´ll feed for a lifetime”.

The same thing goes for the digital integrator. The web agency may feed his client for the day when they´re providing the concrete tools (what). The digital integrator is feeding the client for a lifetime when teaching him the digital mindset (how). The digital integrator has his starting point in the client’s core values and applies the digital mindset to them. By starting the change process in the clients own core value, he will better understand why.

The digital integrator are changing under the surface

Instead of just changing the top of the iceberg, the digital integrator are changing underneath the surface. If you only attack the visible part of the iceberg, you won’t be able to change the mentality of those that will be working with the new service. Sure, you can order your workers to use the new service. But if they don’t understand why they should use the service – if you haven’t reached their core values and trust – they will not take the service to their heart and thereby have less chance of reaching the service maximum potential.

The digital integrator digs into the soul of the analogue organization and digitalizes it from inside and out. That is the role of the digital integrator in a nutshell – a digitalizing mind changer that enhances the potential of technology.

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