What is a digital strategist? I think that it is hard to define the role in one sentence. The meaning of being a digital strategist depends largely on the context that he or she is working within.

It is very hard to find a definition of a digital strategist. One that have tried is Havas digital strategist Jess Seillheimer:

  • We design around the user experience respond to sound, sight, motion and data visualization
  • We understand technology, experience navigation and new media opportunities
  • We take the 360 approach to surrounding the consumer

For me, a digital strategist is the link between idea and business goals, the creative analyst that makes the intangible tangible and measurable and gives the idea business value both online and offline. The digital strategist is deeply aware of human behavior. He/she knows technology but doesn’t have to be a motherfucker on coding; it might be enough knowing the possibilities without necessarily having all the details. The digital strategist uses the core of the brand and packages it in a digital costume.

digital strategist areas

The digital strategist has an ability to look at things from a holistic point of view, taking advantage of The Internet of Things (IoT) when looking for the right mediums to connect with the target group. Being a digital strategist is not just about working online but also about connecting online with offline in a seamless way to collect data that can be used to improve existing services as well as create new ones. If you do that well you can create a loop of contionously flowing data that works as an input for your work. But hey, what do I know? Have a look at the slides below to see what other thinks. Who knows, you just might become a little bit wiser. And let me know if you think that I´m way off track here.

What is a Digital Strategist?


The Digital Strategist´s Toolbox


What is Digital Strategy?


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