I would be extremely curious and take every opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge with people in the industry as well as across other industries.

I would fight for an environment where everyone have so much fucking fun that they cant wait to go to bed in the evening so that they can get up next morning and go to work.

I would create as many spontaneous, informal meetings between the employees as I could and let the mix of different minds blend and create new constellations.

I would give everyone some time every week to develop their own project and have another person within the company as a mentor that they can ask for advice.

I would treat everyone in the company as a family without hierarchies, and if anyone would try to take advantage of that I would admit that I´ve done a faulty recruitment and kick him all the way to Mars.

I would give everyone responsibility and autonomy to care of and rule over their own project.

I would try to create ownership and see all my employees as small entrepreneurial companies.

I would make everyone know each other on a personal level and be ready to fight for each other.

I would put in accessories for physical activity at the office and let people use it between the laps of creating ideas.

I would create practical jokes that make people more accepting, open and familiar to each other and breaks down borders.

I would foster a culture where everyone is inspired to fail and then I would go through the mistakes together and take away the insight of the mistake.

I would make everyone in the company share the money that we make while spending a lot of it on the group as a whole and their families.

I would probably have a lot of people thinking I would go out of business pretty soon since I haven’t written one word about how we are making money. But that’s ok. Those who have the same mind and visions as myself know how an organization like this would be the foundation of a successfully story, no matter what industry it would try to take over. It is not what you do that is important; it is why you do it. And if everyone is having shitloads of fun together, feels constantly challenged and have a sense of freedom in their stomach that lets them explore their ideas, the intent is pure and success will follow.


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