When I was a kid I hated school. I couldn’t stand having a depressing roof over my head that prevented me from doing what I really wanted. But there were one thing that always saved the day – the breaks when I could play floorball and football.

How logic damaged my childhood

I remember one time in particular when we were supposed to write a short essay about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I was obsessed with football, so I wrote that I was going to be a football professional. When I handed my essay to my teacher she smiled at me and said:

“Ok but what do you really want to work with?”

I am not saying that my ambitions of becoming a pro were realistic. That is not the point. What is more important is that my teacher stole a part of my dreams that day. Instead of encouraging me to fulfill my dreams me she picked up the red fire extinguisher and put out the fire inside me. Because school is built on logic, and becoming something that is hard and means a lot of work isn’t logic. 

It´s the industrial society as usual

If you think about it´s not so hard to understand why this widespread view of logic is so deeply rooted in our society. Logic is easy to measure and suited the industrial society’s goals well. When you are trying to cut cost and make a product as cheap as possible, logic makes the world tangible. If you know exactly how much you are going to produce you can plan and save money. But we are not really living in an industrial society anymore, are we?

The only constant is change

In an economy based on knowledge, logic doesn’t have the same advantage that it used to have. The web has exposed the flaws of logic as a foundation of the society. When borders disappears and velocity increases the world become a mix of cultures, ideas and fucking brilliance. A non-linear melting-pot of disruptive innovation and new possibilities. What used to be logic isn’t logic anymore. Because if you trust logic to carry your business forward you will be put out of misery pretty quickly. Illogical is the new logic. Thank god for that. 

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