The Mythbuster

The truth about e-mobility

There are still a lot of misconceptions about electric cars that prevents them from going mainstream. To educate people about the reality and evolution of Volkswagens electric cars we created The Mythbuster – a character that in a series of short films busts the most common myths of electric vehicles.

The Mythbuster

Myth #01: The driving range of an electric car isn’t very far.

The Mythbuster is getting pretty tired of hearing how you can only get to the end of your street in an e-car. Fortunately he’s taking time out from his busy schedule to prove the myth wrong. All it takes is a little spin in an e-Golf.

Myth #02: Electric cars are complicated to charge.

Sometimes all the Mythbuster wants to do is relax in his hammock with an ice cold drink. But he keeps being disturbed by misguided messages about how difficult it is to charge an e-car. His nap will have to wait.

Myth #03: Electric cars aren’t very fast.

The Mythbuster doesn’t need an excuse to go for a drive in his e-Golf. However if people insist on spreading falsehoods about all electric cars being slow then he’ll happily put his driving shades on and demonstrate how wrong this myth is.

Myth #04: Electric cars look ugly compared to most cars.

Just when the Mythbuster thought his job was done for the day he receives another ill-informed message about electric cars. Apparently e-cars always look strange compared to other cars. Fortunately the Mythbuster is on hand to prove this myth wrong…eventually.



DDB Berlin

Ray Ho (Creative Director), Kim Hartman (Concept), Jack Christensen (Concept), Lukas Doraciotto (Art Director)

Copyright © 2019 Kim Hartman. Created by Me.

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