Welcome to the Learning Designer & Facilitator program . We fail all the time. And we love it.

When you’re joining the LD&F program you will be questioned. Many people won´t understand what you´re trying to do, and many people won´t see the huge potential value in you efforts. You may even be mocked for being a hybrid between the digital and analogue world. But none of that matters.

Because, If you´re brave enough to be a pioneer of digital learning you are brave enough to ignore arrogant people that have stopped embracing change and its mysterious ways. As these people lives in the now, you devote yourself to the future. You are the link between technology and organizations, focusing on the humans that are using the tools rather than on the technology itself.

The world is full of people that can develop and implement the digital tools to perfection. That´s great. But who is ameliorating the gaps that occur when the tools are there but not aligned to the organizations core values, culture and way of working? Who is maximizing the potential of the technology? You can´t just give your customer a tool and think that it will integrate itself with the existing organizational culture

When this become obvious the arrogant people stops mocking the Learning Designer & Facilitator, gets down on their knees and starts begging for his expertise. It is those hurdles that you fight through when the wind cuts like a razorblade in your face that makes your skin thicker and it is those efforts that will fill your heart with durable joy and creative passion. Work hard, play hard and fail often.

Failing will only lead to failure if you give up.

What: Hyper Island open house – Learning Designer & Facilitator program

Why: Because it will be a fucking awesome workshop

When: 11/2 at 11.30 am

Where: Tellusgången 5, Stockholm

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