Unless it inspires, contributes or help, marketing is fucking pollution that poison our minds . There is so much irrelevance floating around our noses every day that I’m sometimes glad that my nose is so bad at recognizing smells that it would have a hard time separating a pile of shit from chocolate pudding.


I read somewhere that the average person in London is exposed to over 3500 marketing messages every day and 99% of these ads have no impact. There are too many messages, too many channels and too much industrial-thinking mass communication. Because even if the unconscious picks up some of the messages it is a way of manipulation that in the long term creates ignorance and is directly harmful for your brand.

The moment

This is why I prefer the digital industry in front of traditional TV advertising – I just can’t see how TV ads can satisfy viewers without the help of new technology. TV ads reaches people in a moment when they don’t want to hear what you have to say, and that isn’t a good starting point but unfortunately the reality of TV advertising. It is different with digital campaigns where you play at the users conditions.

Instead of interrupting

With The Internet of Things we can do something that matters. Instead of manipulating we create something useful that adds value to the users life. Instead of interrupting with a TV ad, we can create something interactive that makes people approach the brand by free will. Because even if the TV ad is a masterpiece it is still disrupting people in their life.

Don’t say that you are funny, tell me a joke

Communication should be about service rather than persuasive technique. It is not about convincing selected victims that a product or service is the best, it is about showing that it is best for a reason you don´t yet are aware of. It is about proving that it can offer an intangible value compared to its competitors. Don’t say that you are funny, tell me a joke. If you don’t prove it you´re just making noise.

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