We all have beliefs. These are mine.

I believe in human behavior as the starting point for everything

I love human behavior and how they form cultures, and I love the diversity and differences that create the complex human and shapes her choices and decisions. Everything starts with a thought, and I want to know why that thought have occurred instead of any other thoughts.

I believe in change as the only certainty in life

At Hyper Island we have worked a lot with creating the best possible environment for coming up with original, sustainable and transformative ideas while facilitating the change process that is a necessity in all organizations that wants to keep playing. I am most interested in creating the actual ideas, but my education at Hyper Island has teached me how to put a structure in the chaos.

I believe that the sum is bigger than its parts

A single person can come up with good ideas, but if you add collaborative people with good thoughts you´ll get ideas that are bigger than any individual alone. I like building on others innovative ideas and I like to see myself as a person who brings the best out of others. It is much more fun winning together, being part of something bigger than yourself.

I believe in the creative process as a well of happiness

I have a passion for the creative process and everything around it. I have worked hard on refining my own process of creating ideas and I just can’t get enough of the rush that pumps the blood to my head when a great idea is starting to take form. All quality starts with quantity that has its origin in an open mind.

I believe in storytelling and metaphors as the road to human heart

I consider myself a natural storyteller. I always think in feelings and stories. I put my everyday life into a story naturally and I have noticed that this makes it much easier to cross-pollinate when it comes to idea generation. By having the story perspective constantly in the back of my head, I can make sense of things that otherwise would not make much sense and try my theories with different scenarios and categories in my head.

I believe in the red thread without loose ends

If you can see all pieces fitting together in a bigger perspective you have done it. You have created a brand that can live by itself without any life-sustaining and costly actions. I want the different parts of the brand to be connected so that you can feel inside that there is something more to it than only what you see. The red thread should make every point of the brand tell the whole story by itself.

I believe that theory and practice should walk hand in hand

I enjoy getting inspiration from Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Ken Robinson and many others in the areas of psychology, creativity, marketing and human behavior. There is always an old idea that you can use to strengthen your own. It is when theory and practice becomes one that my thoughts and ideas flourish. Stand upon the shoulders of giants, and you shall become a giant yourself.

I believe that genuine value is created when everybody wins

I believe with all my heart in win-win-win as a necessary concept for the future, in the marketer as a person that creates genuine value and benefit for producer, consumer and society at the same time. Sustainability in its purest form can only be reached if you succeed to please all these three actors.

I believe that ambition and intrinsic motivation can overcome any obstacle

I have high ambitions. I know that I have the potential to come up with the magical ideas if I’m given the chance to work with great minds. I have dedicated my life to coming up with transformative ideas and having fun, to meet new people and to create an heritage that still will be alive and kicking when I’ve gone six feet under

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